Bali Pariwara is a local organization dealing with conservation of the coral reefs in Bondalem. They are member of ADS (Association Diving School from Japan). There are three magnificent diving locations, the first one just in front of Bali au Naturel, the second one in front of the salt ponds, some 300 meter from BaN and a third spot is called Sasan, the main conservation place.

The first spot is between 6 and 15 meter deep, very colourful, the second spot is between 6 and 30 meter, the deeper the more impressive the coral and the bigger the fish are, but a bit less colourful. The third spot is about 8 to 10 meter deep and is a magnificent coral "garden".

Volunteers of Bali Pariwara will bring all diving equipment to the staff house in BaN, where one puts on wetsuit and choose equipment. The bottle with life vest is delivered right on the beach where one enters the water. Upon return from the dive, some staff will be there to carry your equipment back to BaN and clean it.

Each dive lasts about an hour or a bit less, depending on how deep you go.

Price IDR 550.000 per person per dive, including rent of all material, full bottle, English speaking instructor, if required. No transport is needed as the diving is right in front of the resort, except Sasan, where you can be dropped off by car (or a 10 minute walk on the beach).

The activity is not related to Bali au Naturel nor Unseen Bali. We only promote this volunteer organization as it provides them some hard needed cash to buy equipment and fill the bottles and to facilitate diving activities to the guest without having to leave the resort.